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April 16, 2021

8 Tips for Painting Cabinets

One affordable way to make a home or business feel clean and fresh is to give storage cabinets a new coat of paint. Home improvement guru, Bob Vila, says painting is an incredible alternative to cabinet replacement. With the right preparation and curing, property owners can add equity and create a fresh look with a cabinet overhaul. Consider the purpose of the paint People who are considering selling may appreciate a paint and primer combination. These products will save time..

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February 23, 2021

Five Tips and Tricks for Painting Interior Doors Like the Professionals

Every project starts the same way whether you are working on a car, planting a garden, or painting part of the house. Finding out the best ways to do the job and what supplies you need are at the top of the list. Then, learning how to get the best results will make the job more efficient. Knowing the most popular interior colors can be a fun way to liven up the mood in your home. Here are five excellent.

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November 13, 2020

This season, proceeds from each job will go to Lisa Armstrong & Family….

Lisa grew up as the oldest of four children, bouncing around from Ohio to Jackson, Mississippi. After graduating from Mississippi College with a degree in nutrition and dietetics. She and her husband Gary decided to start their new life and family in Richmond, VA. Lisa spent the next thirty two years working for the Virginia Department of Health; supervising WIC and food/nutrition services, while also returning to school to become a registered dietician. In her free time she loved to.

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