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July 26, 2019

Choosing the right paint color

" Painting is a quick and cheap way to give an old room a breath of fresh air or to make your house more sellable if you are putting it on the market. Heres some helpful tips, when looking for paint colors-- Which paint should you choose? Paint comes in a variety of sheens as well as in either oil or latex. Latex paint is the most commonly and preferred paint type to use because of its ease of clean.

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April 28, 2019

Why we give back to our community…

If every middle class family took on one neighbor to help this year, I believe we could completely end homelessness, and end depression in a widespread area of our community. This year we could change lives. Sure that sounds sweet….but who's actually going to get around to doing that. It started with an idea . . . but isn’t that always how these things start? The hard part was putting into words what we were doing. Organizing the heart behind.

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